The first AI system to solve manufacturability.

A new interaction model for manufacturers, bridging fabrication, knowledge, materials and design, so they can build products, not processes


Fab bridges teams together to solve manufacturing challenges and create business success.

Advanced manufacturing is a complex, competitive and challenging business and it is not possible for anyone to master increasing numbers of disruptive technologies. Countless tools, machines, and applications each with their configurations, means of usage, best practices, and materials are required. Each choice has domino effects impacting design and manufacturability. Additionally, each choice has a direct impact on a manufacturer’s success and profitability.

Our goal is to optimize production for manufacturers. Fab reduces design time, improves yields, and delivers accurate and timely customer quotes. As an example of how our technology can be applied to manufacturing, the following are a few examples:
  • Empower the engineer to make the right choices of materials for a given part, corroborating the choice based on cost, material suitability, inventory, and supply chain
  • Enable private corporations and public organizations to automate cithe processing of legacy part replacement
  • Provide timely and accurate configuration-to-quote and engineering-to-quote to customers

FAB.AI was established in 2023 and is the first AI for the world of manufacturing. It utilizes a specifically compiled and trained large language model (LLM) to automate complex fabrication processes. FAB.AI is built by experts from industry, academia, manufacturing, and software engineering, to help across the complete lifecycle of manufacturability, and extensible to any API-driven tool or system. FAB.AI’s sole purpose is to apply AI to the complete lifecycle of manufacturing with the objective of guaranteeing manufacturability and business success.

Manufacturing LLM

An LLM trained on a manufacturing corpus assembled from public and private sources of best practices, facts, and advice from experts. This model will not just provide answers but create alongside you, helping design concepts, ground them in reality, and build.

Works Across Silos

The training of the model to interact with a library of software tools and programs - the manufacturing tool chain - which are used in design, stress testing and validation, generation and debugging of G-code to translate designs into manufacturing reality.

Discursive AI

Set of operational capabilities and built-in workflows which act in concert with the foundational model, transforming standard “chatbots” into discursive “AI apps” that can act in concert with the systems and tooling already existing in the organization.